User Interface

The main menu of the mathematical pack of Mathcad consists of nine points, each unites the functionally homogeneous commands:

  • File. This menu points reflect the common procedures of how to create, open, save and print documents, which contain computation results.
  • Edit. This menu lists the common procedures of editing the document or its fragments: cut, copy, insert, spellcheck, abolish the previous operation, find the assigned segment and if necessary change it into another one.
  • View. Defines the way User Interface looks, or in other words defines the list and arrangement of various elements, shown on the display screen while working in Mathcad. The given menu controls scale, line mapping, status line, set of active tool bars.
  • Insert. Makes it possible to enter various elements: matrix, plots, functions, images and other components of software applications, those of Excel, MatLab, for example, into the document.
  • Format. Assigns the style structure, paragraph and text type. Makes it easy to assign the way formulas look like and state the format of computation results display. - Mathematics (Math). Contains commands, which guarantee computations and help state options which determine computation accuracy.
  • Symbolics. Contains commands which make various character calculations possible. - Window. The commands of this menu activate various documents and define the way they are shown on computer display.
  • Help. Commands of this particular menu allow the user to get proper instructions of how to operate the mathematical pack of Mathcad and also call out the help system “Resource center”, which contains a number of examples of various problems solved. “Resource center”, which contains a number of examples of various problems solved.

The system of standard tool bars includes the tool bars “Standard” and “Formatting”, which are default tool bars and are activated as soon as the mathematical pack of Mathcad is launched. “Mathematics”, which contains references to the tool bars of the “Mathematical” set.

The tool bar set “Mathematical” includes nine tool bars (the tool bar “Modifiers” is extra to the tool bar “Symbolics”). These tool bars are illustrated in the drawing in the work region of Mathcad. Each tool bar contains a number of buttons, which help to enter certain mathematical operators and characters, start computing operations while mathematical expressions are entered and computing procedures are performed.

The lower part of the work region shows the status line which contains general overhead information. When the cursor is located in a particular region, the left part of the status line shows the active reference information concerning the presumptive activity of the user.