The Main Characteristics of Mathcad

The mathematical pack of Mathcad is the universal mathematical system for mathematical and engineering computations. Mathcad allows to:

  • Perform computation of different degrees of complexity, both in character and numerical form;
  • Display information in schematic form, which makes data visualization and analysis easier;
  • Describe algorithms of problems under solution with help of the inbuilt programming language;
  • Draw up problem results in the common mathematical form due to the inbuilt text and graphics editors;
  • Receive various reference materials by means of the help system “Resource center”, which contains a number of practical examples;
  • Exchange data with other WINDOWS – based applications;
  • Update computation results and plots automatically in case initial data get changed;
  • Use the usual, customary way of mathematical recording of problem situations and entering initial data.

Besides, the pack offers a big number of scientific and educational literary sources which make the mathematical system of Mathcad easier to learn.