Finding a Solution to a Set of Linear Algebraic Equations with Matrix Method

Let’s consider sets of linear algebraic equations in Mathcad in vector-matrix form A*x =b, whereАis quadratic matrix of coefficients which go together with unknown variables, matrix determinant has non-zero value; х is vector of unknown variables; bvector of absolute terms. The solution is as follows. If the determinant of matrix А has non-zero value, then matrix А is invertible. In this case we multiply the left and the right member of the original equation by the inverse matrix (А-1), and get a solution, that looks like: x=A-1*b. It is not complicated to realize these procedures with help of Mathcad instruments. In case of the infinite set of solutions we get a singular matrix, and Mathcad generates the answer: “Matrix is singular. Cannot compute its inversy” and guns the calculations. In the listing you can observe an example of a set of linear algebraic equations being solved.

Algebraic Equations