Integral in Mathcad

Integral in MathcadIntegral in Mathcad can be calculated with the help of operator for integration located on the toolbar “ Calculus”. This results in a mould of a definite integral which has four margins to input limits of integration, integration variable and integration function. The result of a definite integration is on screen after symbol “=” is input. In order to get a better and a more trustworthy result while performing the procedure of definite integration a method of calculation can be chosen by right-clicking the mould margin for a contextual menu.   The default regime is “self-choice”, which enables Mathcad to choose one of the methods automatically.

Method Romberg is  in use in Mathcad as the general method for continuously differentiable functions;Adaptive – for functions rapidly variable on the piece for integrating ;Infinite Limit– to evaluate integrals with infinite limits of integration. Method Singular Endpoint is in use for function integrals, which do not exist in one or both points of the limits of integration (the so called improper integrals of the second kind)

If the necessity occurs the user can reject the regime “self-choice” and indicate the desired method of integration in Mathcad independently. The programme listing shows the examples of definite integration. The results show that “self-choice” regime appears to be the most universal one while performing the procedure of definite integration.