Matrixes and vectors in Mathcad

Operations with matrixes and vectors in Mathcad can be subdivided into two big groups. The first group of operations is the operations with separate or single vectors and matrixes. For instance: matrix transposition or inverse matrix calculation in Mathcad. The second group of operations is the operations with sets of vectors and matrixes. As a rule, these are the operations with two matrixes or with a matrix and a vector. For instance: addition, subtraction, multiplication of matrixes or multiplication of matrix by vector. Vectors and matrixes in Mathcad meet a few requirements in accordance with the laws of classical mathematics. For instance: matrix and vector being multiplied the number of matrix columns should be equal to the number of vector-rows. That is why, while performing operations on vectors and matrixes, a user is to have the necessary knowledge in mathematics. The table contains the main operations with vectors and matrixes in Mathcad. The table contains the following symbols: А is the array (vector or matrix), М – matrix, z - scalar, v – vector.

Basic Operations with Matrix and Vector


The most convenient way of performing matrix calculations is the use of the operation knobs of the programme bar “Matrix”. Default indexing of rows and columns of matrix constituents starts with 0. In order to start indexing with 1, it is required to give the system variable ORIGIN a designated value of 1. The programme listing shows the example of matrix calculations in Mathcad.

 Matrix and Vector