Arrays in Mathcad

In Mathcad data presented in form of a column is known as vector, and data presented in tabular form is known as matrix. The common name for a vector and a matrix is the same as in classical mathematics, and that is of array.

An array in Mathcad can be created the following several ways:

  • Enter command Insert, Martrix;
  • Press the Ctrl + M combination;
  • Click on the button “Vector or Matrix” of the tool bar “Matrix”.

In order to assign the array size it is required to choose the necessary number of rows and columns in the dialogue box “Insert Matrix”. It is allowed to edit the array by adding or deleting rows and columns. In order to perform editing procedure it is required to set cursor next to the array constituent which is to the left of the column and above the row to insert or delete. The dialogue box “Insert Matrix” is activated, the number of columns and rows is assigned and the verb “Insert” or “Delete” is carried into effect.

While performing computations in Mathcad it is of general practice to operate array names and all the operations are performed with array names. In order to call the array constituent inferior indices are in use. Default indexing of array constituents starts with 0; it is required to call the dialogue box “Math Options” or change the value of the parameter ORIGIN in the problem text in order to start indexing of array constituents with 1. For example:

Arrays in Mathcad