All of Mathcad


Which system of computer mathematics is better or worse is the eternal question and requires hours of discussion. Therefore here we shall define the peculiarities of Mathcad, which can influence the user choice.

  • Training video.
  • Immense popularity and a huge number of users.
  • Mathematical pack Mathcad is simple to use and easy to learn due to the adequacy of functions and operators in use to the traditional ways of writing mathematical expressions.
  • A big number of printed materials and video courses on Mathcad.
  • Mathcad is widely applied for solving problems in various fields of study. Textbooks on Mathcad in use for solving problems of higher mathematics, information science, theoretical mechanics, and strength of materials, etc. have been published.
  • Mathcad can be successfully used both by school students for solving elementary mathematics problems and professional programmers, mathematicians, physicians in their scientific research.
  • Possibility of export and import of data between Mathcad and other Windows-based applications.
  • Continuous development and updating of Mathcad due to the efficient rise of new versions.