Mathematical constants in Mathcad

The mathematical system uses the generally accepted mathematical constants. Mathcad uses the same symbols as the classical mathematics does, therefore their application and perception while performing computations is not a problem. 

Mathematical constant in Mathcad

The default value of mathematical constants in Mathcad while performing computations comes up to 15 significant figures. In order to show values of mathematical constants with the maximal accuracy, it is required to assign the necessary accuracy of data and commutation record output. With this outcome in view it is advisable to use menu “Format, Result” of the dialogue box “Result format”, inlay ““Count Format” and set the required value of “Quantity of decimal points”. As a result mathematical constants will come out the following way: Mathematical constants in Mathcad

When carrying out computations in Mathcad the value of mathematical constants can be predetermined, that is why it is obligatory to keep to standard symbols in computations and make sure they are used the right way. For example, if constants are given other values, in further computations the last given value will automatically be taken into consideration:

Mathematical constants in Mathcad

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